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My life has always revolved around different forms of art. Some could say I’m an artist. Not in the sense of being able to produce paintings or drawings, but a person who practices various creative arts: Performing Arts (Hula), Film and Media Art, Culinary Arts to Cosmetic Tattoo Art. 

Tedious tasks, steady hands and biggest of all, striving for perfection, are my strong suits that I learned about myself early on. I work best with my hands, whether it be sitting at a computer for hours editing videos, making handmade hairs bows as I did as a teenager, putting on a full face of make-up, decorating weddings cakes, baking as a lifelong career or creating art through eyebrows. 

Upon graduating from the Maui Culinary Academy at the University of Hawaii Maui College in May of 2017, I felt as though I was destined to do more! I wanted to learn something new, something out of my comfort zone! I had heard about Microblading back in 2015 after considering the procedure for myself and eventually went through with it in September of 2017. The artist I had chosen studied with PhiBrows. I did endless research on the The Phi Academy and found it to be the best fit. 

I hopped on a plane to Los Angeles, California and that’s where my Cosmetic Tattoo journey began. I sat in a classroom filled with tattoo artist, make-up artists, hair stylists, nail technicians, estheticians, but here I was, a fresh Culinary graduate. I felt quite intimidated, but as the week in California ended, I realized that this could actually work out for me. I studied the skin, practiced every moment I wasn’t in the kitchen, took more classes to learn different techniques and attended masterclasses before I was ready to create this small business, Soft Ink Studio, LLC.

My eye for detail, along with being very meticulous with my work is why I believe my services will supersede your expectations. 

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Proud Owner and Artist of Soft Ink Studio LLC, Ciana Ruidas

  • Certified PhiBrows Artist

  • Licensed Tattoo Artist

  • Certified Microshading by Brows by Linnie

  • Certified Ombre Brow by Sis&Sis Brows

  • Certified Saline Removal by Brow Kingdom

  • Certified Ombre Powder Brows by Forever Naimee Beauty

  • Certified Lip Blush by Forever Naimee Beauty

  • Certified Eyeliner Tattoo by Forever Naimee Beauty

  • Certified 3-1 Lip Masterclass by Christen Trains

  • Certified Lip Blush by JennxInk

  • Certified Ombre Powder Brows by Elysians360

  • Needle Knowledge by Layla Hinchen Training Academy

  • Color Theory, Pigment & Mixology by Tess Tattoo

  • Blood Borne Pathogen Certified

  • Fully Insured by Allied Beauty Experts


I am blessed to have been educated by PhiBrows, one the most prestigious Microblading Academy around the world. Founder of PhiBrows, Branko Babic, is ranked number one Most Influential Micropigmentation Artist. I am a certified PhiBrows Artist with two certificates in Microblading and PhiFusion (Microblading + Machine Shading), but it doesn't stop there! I'm always looking to improve my skills and learn new techniques by furthering my education in all ways possible to provide quality work to all my clients.

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I can make your life a lot easier. Great brows don't happen by chance, they happen by appointment.

- ciana ruidas

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